To complete your registration, you must do three things:
1)  Email instructor to confirm availability of your preferred class time.
2)  Fill out registration form and submit.
3)  Make payment for your first 4 classes at the bottom of this page.


Offering weekday afternoons, weekday evenings, and weekend afternoons. Choice of in-person classes, online Zoom classes, or both! Purchase four weekly lessons with the option to renew rounds of four. Reserve your spot!

Students are registered once they make payment on a first-come, first-serve basis. Masks are required during in-person classes. No tuition refunds
Email instructor to confirm availability of your preferred class time.
Students bring their own supplies. Supply list will be provided.
Art supplies can be purchased at local stores such as Rochester Art Supply, A.C. Moore, or a Michael's near you. Or you can order from suppliers online.
To REGISTER for your first four classes 
or to RENEW another set of four classes
via PayPal or credit card
Students who are renewing have the option of paying $103.30 online
or bringing payment of $100 cash or check to class.

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